Should You Invest in Fix and Flip Houses during the Holidays?

The holiday season usually rushes in a vibrant energy of spending and festivities. Many of us get caught up in the buzz and spend extravagantly. However, the holidays also represent an opportunity for making intelligent financial decisions. Property investments are one such lucrative opportunity to consider during the holidays. In this blog post, we will examine whether property investment is the right move during the holiday season, particularly when it comes to fix and flip houses.

Low Season Activity

The holiday season may be a time for home buyers and property investors to take a break and enjoy their time with friends and family, leaving the real estate market under less pressure of high competition. For fix and flip investors, this could mean a bigger window of opportunity to snatch up property deals at lower prices than in high season. Doing deals in the slow season and getting the rehab done now can give you a better opportunity to be ready for buyers in the prime season. The competition for fix and flip houses can be relatively low depending on the area you’re in. 

Fewer Bidders

Similarly, because of the lower activity during the holidays, there is a reduced number of property bidders. The beneficial impact of this is that you will likely find fewer competitive bids, making it easier for you to win your bid. Think of it this way; if you are bidding against two or three people rather than nine or ten, you stand a higher chance of obtaining the property you are interested in. This can lead to lower cost and lower stress in getting your investment.

Time for Rework

Buying a fix and flip during the holiday season can be an advantageous time to purchase because you may have more time to repair and refurbish the property. Without the added pressure of high competition, you can purchase the property at a lower price, take more time to complete repairs, and potentially list the property for sale during the peak selling season of early Spring. You will have extra time to allocate towards hiring contractors, ordering materials and organizing the construction of the project, potentially leading to a faster closing timeline. Also due to the season, contractors may charge you less or be more negotiable than they would be in the middle of a busy season.

Festive Cheer for Buyers

For buyers looking to purchase a home during the holidays, they tend to be more in the mood of the season and are looking for a property with lots of charm and good vibes. As a fix and flip investor, if you invest during the holiday season, this could work in your favor. By investing in holiday-style decorations and beautiful winter landscapes, you may attract an ample crowd to your event.

Invest in Fix and Flip Houses

In summary, the holiday season could be the perfect time for investing in a fix and flip property. With fewer bidders and a low season, you have more room to negotiate and find the perfect dwelling for your investment portfolio. Additionally, the holiday season provides more time for you to complete the necessary repairs and updates, potentially leading to a faster closing timeline. Finally, investing during this time also provides you with the opportunity to capitalize on the Christmas cheer to gain more potential buyers who are looking for a home with that “holiday vibe”. So, if you’re thinking of investing in a Fix and Flip and need a loan, there’s never been a better time than now to contact our team. 

FlipCo Financial is providing hard money loans to investors year round. We are pushing investors forward during the holiday and winter season just as much as the summer time. We are here to help and are ready to make sure you get your project funded. Contact our team here at FlipCo Financial for a free quote on your hard money loan.