Investing with FlipCo Financial

Avelina Graham at FlipCo Financial

Avelina Graham

Account Manager

This video will give you a quick overview about investing with FlipCo Financial.
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How Our Loans Work

  • Asset Based Lending: Asset-based loans are less risky as it is collateralized with a borrower’s assets
  • No Appraisal, Inspection, or Survey: We’re savvy investors that can evaluate a flip remotely with your help
  • No Credit Check: Many lenders and banks check your credit – we prefer to focus on the opportunity at hand
  • No Experience Required: We partner with new and seasoned investors!
  • We lend based on 75% Loan to ARV!
  • We lend 90% of the purchase price when the Loan to ARV is 75% or less.
  • Rehab Reimbursements: We fund 100% of your rehab
  • No Draw Fees: You have unlimited draw requests
  • No Inspectors
  • Fast Turnaround

How To Qualify

  • Minimum Reserves: We are a non-recourse, asset-based lender. We qualify enough liquid resources to carry our loan responsibly. We only need to see these reserves in an account(s) that you have access to.
  • Funds do not need to be seasoned!

How To Apply

  • Get A Quote: The fastest way to get started in the process is to fill out a short Quote application.
  • Full Application: We collect a minimal number of documents to streamline the application process. You will need a few things such as the current photos of the property, executed contract, rehab budget, proof of funds, ID, and LLC docs.


  • Loan to After-Repair Value: is the ratio of the loan amount (plus any other debt on the property) to the after-repair value (ARV) of the property
  • Loan to Cost (LTC): is a ratio which determines the value of the loan, compared to the value of the Total Project Cost
  • PP – Purchase Price
  • ARV – After Repair Value
  • LTV – Loan To Value
  • CTC – Cash To Close
  • BRRR: Buy Rehab Refinance Repeat

We are a premier hard money lender for fix and flip loans. We offer great solutions for you to get funded for your investment. Contact me to learn about how I can help you in this endeavor. Feel free to Call me directly too!