Intro to FlipCo Financial

Sidni Campbell at FlipCo Financial

Sidni Campbell

Account Manager

Want to know how to get started with FlipCo? This video will give you an overview about how our loans work!
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How Our Loans Work

  • Asset Based Lending: Asset-based loans are less risky as it is collateralized with a borrower’s assets
  • No Appraisal, Inspection, or Survey: We’re savvy investors that can evaluate a flip remotely with your help
  • No Credit Check: Many lenders and banks check your credit – we prefer to focus on the opportunity at hand
  • No Experience Required: We partner with new and seasoned investors!

How We Evaluate Deals

  • Loan to After-Repair Value: is the ratio of the loan amount (plus any other debt on the property) to the after-repair value (ARV) of the property
  • We lend based on 75% Loan to ARV!

How Much We Fund

  • Loan to Cost (LTC): is a ratio which determines the value of the loan, compared to the value of the Total Project Cost
  • We lend 90% of the purchase price when the Loan to ARV is 75% or less.
  • Rehab Reimbursements: We fund 100% of your rehab
  • No Draw Fees: You have unlimited draw requests
  • No Inspectors: You are the inspector
  • Fast Turnaround: We wire your reimbursement within 72hrs or 3 business days

How To Qualify

  • Minimum Reserves: We are a non-recourse, asset-based lender. All we do to qualify you as the borrower is to establish that you have enough liquid resources to carry our loan responsibly. We only need to see these reserves in an account(s) that you have access to. It needs to be cash.
  • Funds do not need to be seasoned!

How To Apply

  • Get A Quote: The fastest way to get started in the process is to fill out a short Quote application. Click any of the Get a Quote or Get Started Today buttons to begin!
  • Full Application: We collect a minimal number of documents to streamline the application process. You will need a few things such as the current photos of the property, executed contract, rehab budget, proof of funds, ID, and LLC docs.

We are a premier hard money lender for fix and flip loans. We offer great solutions for you to get funded for your investment. Contact me to learn about how I can help you in this endeavor. Feel free to Call me directly too!